Our specialized programs

“Learning is not always about how much a student knows, but how effectively the student cognitively processes or handles the information presented.”

Cognition is the brain’s underlying neural processing abilities, the aspect of motor planning and the ability to sequence actions, organize information, think logically, retain and recall information.

At the Center, we provide one-on-one brain-based intervention that has been proven to optimize the brain’s underlying neural processing abilities and increase potential by optimizing the sub-cortical functions needed for success.

The Interactive Metronome™ therapy is a new educational technology aimed at facilitating the development of underlying processing abilities that are foundational to the capacity to concentrate and learn. IM™ is specifically geared towards helping individuals improve their ability to selectively attend or focus on tasks without interruption. The IM™ has been shown to improve:

  • Attention and concentration
  • Processing speed, and
  • Motor skill performance

 iLs (Integrated Listening System) a research-based program that stimulates cerebellar activity, strengthening the neural connections and improving the brain’s ability to process information. iLs has been shown to improve:

  • Reading, spelling and writing, and
  • Motor skill coordination and organizational processing

Brain Balanced Intervention™ (Alphanetics™/Mathanetics™) is a research based intervention system of cognitive exercises aimed at developing foundational learning skills. Brain Balanced Intervention  and has been shown to improve:

  • Short, long, and working memory
  • Organizational processing
  • Logical thinking and math skills
  • Dyslexia, dysgraphia, and other reading and writing disabilities