The programs at the Center for Cognition & Development aided my daughter in achieving a perfect reading score on the OAA’s.  Tracy Johnson, Parent, Shaker Heights, OH

The Center for Cognition & Development provides a drug-free, approach to stimulating the brain’s neuroplasticity. It is an excellent tool to treat specific and non-specific processing weaknesses. I would highly recommend the Center to help children with sensory, reading, math or learning disorders. Jane Li-Conrad, D.O., DiHom, Cleveland, OH

“Dr. Lee expertise is in cognitive research and she understands how to apply her knowledge to benefit children. My granddaughter has ADHD with weaknesses in dyscalculia and written language expression. Dr. Lee has worked to help my granddaughter increase focus, strengthen her memory skills, and develop stronger written language abilities. Throughout the years, she has provided a professional and caring relationship towards my granddaughter who depends on her to keep her “light” continuously shining. Dr. DeLorge consistently encourages and motivates her.”  Mrs. Rita LeeGrand, Grandparent, Cleveland Heights, OH

“Focusing on homework and completing math assignments is now an easy, natural and enjoyable experience for my daughter. Her self-esteem is the biggest improvement and she enjoys school so much more.” L.S., Parent, Solon, OH

“I’ve seen an amazing change in my daughter since she started at the Center for Cognition & Development. She now loves to read because the words make more sense and she can keep ideas organized in her head. Another great improvement is her ability to focus on homework. She is so proud of her work.” C.L., Parent, Shaker Heights, OH

“Lee has helped my children strengthen their skills in the classroom and with skills that will help them thru life! As a parent, she helped me every step of the way, and more. I finally have someone who could help me help my children succeed. Dina Halpern, Parent, Beachwood, OH