We Help Children Become Stronger Learners.

For a child there are few things more embarrassing than being called out in the classroom for not being able to follow along. We understand. We’ve been helping children for 12+ years. 

The Center for Cognition & Development is a Jon Peterson Scholarship Provider and works with other scholarship programs to help defray the costs of  needed intervention. 

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Does Your Child Need Help?


Does your child struggle with reading? C4 Cognition can help. Contact us today.


Is your child having a hard time with math? We can help them improve.


Our unique cognition programs also help students with their memory skills.


Our programs can also help your child improve his or her spelling abilities.

Our Experience

We have been helping children succeed and improve their learning skills for over twelve years.

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Interested in finding out more about our cognitive learning programs? Feel free to visit our contact page and send us a message. We’ll respond as soon as possible and get you the information you need.


The programs at the Center for Cognition & Development aided my daughter in achieving a perfect reading score on the OAA’s.
Tracy Johnson
Proud Parent
The Center for Cognition & Development provides a drug-free, approach to stimulating the brain’s neuroplasticity. It is an excellent tool.
Jane Li-Conrad
Focusing on homework and completing math assignments is now an easy, natural and enjoyable experience for my daughter.
Proud Parent
I’ve seen an amazing change in my daughter since she started at the Center for Cognition & Development.
Proud Parent
Lee has helped my children strengthen their skills in the classroom and with skills that will help them through life!
Dina Halpern
Proud Parent
Dr. Lee has worked to help my granddaughter increase focus, strengthen her memory skills, and develop stronger written language abilities.
Rita LeeGrand
Proud Grandparent

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